21/01/2014: Good night bath after one day driving.

07/11/2013: Back from a wonderful journey, I miss a lot of people.
I received an e-mail from Zine Of the Zone library (not book store), now you can find my fanzine around Europe with them.
Here the list of the zines on tour!

19/10/2013: Last minute upload before the next journey. A small selection of 120mm made in Scotland, amazing experience.
A lot of fog, tons of maggies, sleeping everywhere in the middle of breathless landscapes, sunshine (us lucky guys!) I truly loved it.
Leaving today for Bogotà. I hope I'll be back with lots of pictures.

08/10/2013: Too many photos about the last journey around Scotland, so I decided to select some shots and show the frames as I have scanned 'em. Click "Scotland" to see the 35mm (you can also enlarge the stripes).
I hope to have time to upload the 6x6 before the next journey, October 19th.

04/10/2013: Good news these days. You can find "Nebbia" @Batteri, the new born gallery/zine paradise in Aarhus, Denmark.

03/10/2013: You can find "Nebbia" in the most beautiful place in Glasgow.
Good vegan food, good music, LP dreamland and of course, Good Press.

30/09/2013: Scotland photos are taking me a lot of time. Difficult selection, too many shots.
In the meantime, here below, two postcards from Berlin.


23/09/2013: Pinewood + sea + swim @Monte Argentario. Autumn, life.

30/08/2013: Some weeks ago I had the chance to listen to this song. I don't usually write about something or someone else on my website but this time it's really worth it. Happy for them and Sub Pop.

20/08/2013: Everything is good here, please come home.

18/08/2013: Lost in 1140 pages about wizards, magic and spells.
Meanwhile I scan films.

15/08/2013: August in Rome is poetry. Dogs. Sun. A lake through the trees.
Rediscovering old friends, forgetting the new ones.

11/08/2013: Fighting sun with fresh cities.
Some days ago I added a new series of photo taken in Prague last spring.
Soon new shots of the last trip around Scotland by car.
So many beautiful places, so much craft beer, so many midges.

02/05/2013: I've traveled and done a lot during the last months. I've seen great gigs and took so many photos I cannot find a day to scan films. ItaliansDoItBetter zine asked me to choose some of my photos I love the most, good old days, great memories. Issue number 6 is out now! You can see a preview and buy a copy!!!

19/03/2013: Some photos on Quickbrown-fox.

08/03/2013: Hidden in a cave, stealing shots to someone else

20/12/2012: Some words and photos on the Singaporean website Nopefun.

19/12/2012: I've been in Berlin for a while during October and I had the chance to take some photos to Cecilia Ferron, a great violinist. I just shot two rolls with my rollei, 20 minutes. I like them all. On my flickr page you can see other pictures of that day.

19/11/2012: A summer into the wild. I like to be with friends the last day of June.

05/11/2012: Dj D.Lewis months ago.

17/09/2012: Thirty minutes by bike than one hour and a half to reach this place. That walk was really unexpected, I thought I could die in the first 30 minutes not for the tiredness but because I was really out of breath. Than it becomes less heavy, just trees and sea around us, We reached the abbey and nobody was around. Big waves, postcards, sun, reading. Don't want to think about the return walk. I hoped for a boat that never came. Walking uphill with the sun just over my head. The last 30 minutes I totally fucked up my knees, calves and thigh. So one month later Gran Sasso Massif was an easy walk.

14/09/2012: Some photos on Tuttomille. The beginning of the second chain of "domino". Thanks to Nicola for the kind words.

12/09/2012: "Nebbia" photozine now at Officine K.

10/09/2012: An interview by AuroraFotografi. Thanks to Alessandra Tecla Gerevini.


23/07/2012: Don't know why I didn't show you this photo before. Good memories. Fabrizio Vatieri in Naples, Italy.

15/07/2012: You can find my brand new photozine at Alpacha Distro

01/07/2012: Nebbia photozine out now!
Colored cover - 80 pages - Black & White photos
Order here

25/05/2012: A reportage about Iceland.

16/05/2012:An interview on Fluster Magazine. Some answers have been summarized, but it's ok.

07/05/2012: On line some photos on NoBordersMagazine. Enjoy!

06/02/2012: I always discover Komakino's posts years later. This was written more than one year ago.

22/02/2012: The perfect awakening

21/02/2012: It's really unusual to see snow in Rome. Since I moved from the cold north, this is my first winter in the coliseum city.
I really wanted this to happen, I love ice and cool cities. I forget my job that day 'cause I just wanted to enjoy the snow. This city wasn't white since the mid 80s.

01/02/2012: The best orator ever met in my entire life.

22/12/2011: Funny guests. 2/3 of Ufomammut and 2/3 of Malleus as well. Their latest album will be out in a few months on Neurot Recordings so I took the chance to take some photos during the mixing sessions.

20/12/2011: I always been interested in seeing better Ostia.
I've been there a lot of years ago, at least ten, just for a glance, and I never had good memories of this city. But I basically spent only a couple of hours in a awful beach, and I got fined for a bus ticket sanction..
In these last years I've always been attracted by its decadence and its lack of moderation, and after seeing "Amore Tossico" curiosity has started to become tangible.
So, after a day spent on the beach, I thought it was worth to do some shots to that unknown part of the city.
Mood was not at the top, maybe I didn't took the best I can, but maybe it's a good reason to come back for a second session..

Now on, you can find a link to my shop. I Know someone can think my photos are pretty expensive, but hand printing and quality have a price. Please keep in mind that every photo on this site can be printed. Just drop me a line if you are interested into it.

10/10/2011: New photos added in "sections",some photos I took in L'Aquila during a warm saturday.

16/09/2011: It's not easy to find someone who don't mind to be photographed; no questions,no minutes in a box. I didn't know I was going to know him, it's been a pleasure. Nice person,good moments. Easy to talk.

14/09/2011: I went to L'Aquila last month for the first time in my life. Nothing is going to change since the earthquake of 2009. Collapse of a country year by year, day by day. L'Aquila was an amazing place to live, now is a wonderful ghost city.

18/07/2011: R.I.P. - Now you can run free in a safe place, on the greenest lawn of my dreams..

07/04/2011: Yes I know, this is not exactly the kind of picture I prefer the most. I'm not addicted to colors photo as you can see in my website. One month ago I had the idea to put the slide roll into my r♥lleiflex but I've never took the pictures I had in my mind, so it stayed there 'till two weeks ago when I went to Turin and I've met her. She's definitely one of the best person I had the chance to take photos. She's self confident, I love the situations she creates. She's cool. Next time with her, b&w (half naked?).

08/03/2011: In the end of january I spent some days in Rome. I had the chance to stay at Locomotore Recording Studio while Karl Marx was a broker was recording their album, so I stayed with them for two days. Gianluca gave me the opportunity to shot him, but I failed with Marco. Maybe next time I'll be more lucky.
They're super cool.

12/02/2011: I tought my camera died because of the fall but as you can see, it's still alive. Don't know how I could live without it. The frame before this one totally disappear from the film, I really don't know why. Mike Persil's fault. :)

13/01/2011: Don't know why a person can choose a photo like this for his blog but I think it's a cool thing. There's a lot of interesting shoots in it, maybe I did better than a photo of Brandon Walsh on a falafel shop's wall.

11/01/2011: I had the chance to stay for one day in a small small place in the middle of nowhere in Italy. I loved it, I arrived there by bus. He says "no cars here" , and a car stopped to bring us home. Some told that day there would be a party. Free home- made food, wine, watermelon (melon 10 - watermelon 0 !!), beer, everything in a small fountain to maintain freshness. Unreal people and culture.

And I'm so glad I decided to go to see Burning Love live.
Great moments, good memories.
We reached Luzern the night of their show, I wanted to make a surprise to Chris, I didn't see him since so long..
Three hours by car, an amazing place to stay.
The day after was too close, so we all moved together to Freiburg. Amazing squat, delicious vegan food. I took two photos to Chris as we arrived in town, I wanted a photo of him, maybe next time could be in ten years.

December 2010: The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand (I.C.)
Two years of darkness. Maybe I'm back

03/11/2010: A photo of mine is on the Japan-based on line magazine shift. It is a picture of the italian illustrator Luca "yety" Battaglia taken years ago in Iceland

01/2010: A photo of the band Vulturum on Rumore, an italian music magazine. Well, this is the original one.

09/2009: Two photos of mine are used in the inner sleeve of the brand new Vulturum LP, Vineta.

04/03/2009: You can find me also on Behance

The last trip around Iceland was great! I'll show you some photos as soon as I can. In these two weeks I have finally finished my photo diary of the three months around North America. You can see a preview or order it here

9/08/2008: I'm going to Iceland for the next weeks. I'm sure I'll have tons of photos to show you before the end of the summer. I'm making a book, just a photo diary about my three months trip around Canada and U.S. You'll find it in the net in a month or so, I'll let you know where you can see it or (better) buy it, so keep in touch! Have a great summer!

13/04/2008: I get my "project guacamole zine" some days ago, finally i can read it! There's some pictures of mine in it. You can have a copy if you want. This is the contact: myspace.com/projectguacamole

25/02/2008: Finally the Rewind Serie on VrvGallery is ready to be watch and i'm glad to be part of it. This gallery is made by people from all around the world and the section i'm in, is made by toycameras' addicted photographers. Take a look at other artists too, there's some interesting stuff..

29/12/2007: My photos are on the last issue of Cru-a magazine.

14/11/2007: Next journey: Barcelona.

20/10/2007: AntiMtvDay and Lady Fest days were great!

09/09/2007: I'll take part to a new project named PROJECT GUACAMOLE with some pictures of mine, it's a cool californian fanzine. Then, I'll be at AntiMtvDay in Bologna the 15th of September with my pictures. Aaaaand. the last weekend of september (27th - 28th - 29th - 30th) you can't miss the Lady Fest in Turin. There you can see some of my pictures and a lot of interesting things/people/films/shows

02/07/2007: I'm back from Turin for some months so now i'm on my way! the second number of the "yety MEETS autumn" 'zine is finally out!! Italian language - 64 pages - coloured cover - interviews - reports - stories – columns. 2euro!!!
You can see some of my pictures on Anti Magazine. If you’re around Turkey let’s buy Ikidebir Magazine, you can also find some of my pictures on it!

15/01/2007: yety and I are still workin' at the new number of our fanzine. we printed the new t-shirts... you can write me an e-mail if you need some info. most of the pictures taken during the three months journey are not on line, but they will be part of a book. i hope it will be out soon, i'll let you know!